Here I’ll post things I make at school.


For the last project of the first year we had our IPASS project.
The idea about IPASS is: choose a chip to make a library for, and make a project of your own choosing.

I chose the SI7021 sensor and added an OLED to it so you could see what temperature and humidity the room or surrounding space has.

I wanted to add the BMP280 and CCS811 sensors to get and display more information, these sensors together with the SI7021 sensor are on the CJMCU-8128 chip.

My code and library will be public somewhere after the project finnishes for everyone and then you can look at it.

Fire Extinguishing Car

We got the challenge to make a car that drives to any fire it sees.
It was not allowed to drive against any walls or obstacles, had to find the fire itself and turn a fan or something alike on when it was close enough to the fire so it could extinguish the fire.

This is our final product:

We had some last minute issues with the battery. We did not have the time to find a good fix for it, that is why it spins a whole lot before doing anything.

Steam Dashboard

We got the exersise to make a dashboard for steam where you could see diferent stats from your steam account, like what games you played recently, how long you had played that game and other things.
Next to that we had a Raspberry Pi that would track the time you where playing for you, and indicated how long you had played with a led strip.

Station Dashboard

Here I had to make a dashboard that would show you where you where, what amenities there where, like are there toilets, are there bycicles to hire etc. You would also be able to send reviews of that station and read other verified reviews.