Just a place for me to put the pictures I like the most.
You can also find my photos on Instagram where they will be posted earlier and more often.

Photoshoot 24-07-2022

Berty Photoshoot

Photoshoot 23-08-2022

Photoshoot 29-08-2022

Bunker Visit 30-08-2022

Bunker Visit 01-09-2022

Bunker & Fort 04-09-2022

Abandoned buildings 05-09-2022

Abandoned Building 06-09-2022

Rooftop 28-09-2022

Abandoned Labratory 09-09-2022

Lost Bunker 09-09-2022

Abandoned Gravestone Factory (To Be revisited) 09-09-2022

Abandoned building 26-9-22

Abandoned Farm 18-12-22


Abandoned Sanatorium

Abandoned Trainstation

Abandoned Prison Belgium 4-3-23

All images belong to LFGaming and are not to be used by anyone without permission.

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