What is Pathwar?

Pathwar is an educational platform with a focus on security/cryptography. You can play through challenges and learn or hone your skills.

The challenges differ very much from one antoher. At one you have to find exploits in backup files. In another you have to find a way to get past a login screen. At others you have to bypass CAPTCHAS’s.

There is a scoreboard to see how high you are ranked. And even teams as which you can compete against other teams!

At the moment it is in havy development so there are not yet many challenges. But if you like YOU can make one too!

If you want to check it out defenately take a look at the website!
Or if you want to try and help in the development go to the Github page.

Me and Pathwar

The Program

I am not very good at all the security things, so I try to learn with Pathwar and figure out how it all works. Googling how to do things and exploring vulnerabilities.

The development

I mainly test new features and report bugs or suggest edits. I am currently also working on making the Pathwar Users/Players Documentation which can be used by new players to learn how everyhing works. And fix some links that broke in the development.

How I found Pathwar

I found pathwar by accident when working on Berty. Some of the developers of the Berty project also work on pathwar, so for me it was an easy way in.

When I first found pathwar, I didn’t understand what it was. But bit by bit I got to know it, and help around with fixing things. And slowly I am getting into security because of it.