Covid-19 and Ingress

I am sure you already knew this but because of Covid-19, Ingress and Pokémon go have special things that happen. For what is happening in Pokémon go you have to go somewhere else, I will only discuss Ingress. The thing below are the “benefits” we get.

  • For the Sojourner medal, a Portal recharge counts as a Portal hack. Going forward, Agents can hack or recharge a Portal in consecutive 24-hour periods for daily credit towards the Sojourner medal.
  • High-level Agents can deploy two Level 7 and two Level 8 Resonators per Portal.
  • Portal cool down reduced to 90 seconds.
  • Portal hacks before burnout increased to 16 hacks.


It’s nice that for that we can hack more, although my inventory is entirely filled so I don’t really find it really that useful. The fact that we can place 2 L8 an 2 L7 resonators I very useful because my home portal is now L7 because of it. Like the 16 hacks is the reduced cool down nice but I don’t need it.

Let me know you thoughts in the comments.

Mission day Lille

The mission day in Lille had ended for me, it was a lot of walking and I am tired now. But I have walked 12 beautiful missions through Lille. In the hotel I stayed where some Enlightened who play in my home area so that was a funny consequence. I have walked 12 km today and 32,5 km this weekend. Time for me to go lay in bed after this exhausting day.

The missions.
Prime didn’t work sometimes.