What is Berty?

Berty is a privacy first P2P messenger app that does not need Internet to function. It is being developed by the NGO Berty Technologies.

The idea behind Berty is that you can you can message your friends, family and contacts without the need of having an internet connection. It does this via BLE. Since you don’t need an internet connection you can still use the app once your country blocks internet connection or censores things. And ofcourse it is FOSS, which makes it so it can not really be censored completely or blocked by the goverment.

The Berty Logo
The Berty Logo

Me and Berty

I found out about Berty on the first of february 2021, and have been working here and there with them since. The main thing I help with is blog posts / texts, helping people in the community, playing around with making bots and making themes for the app.

I also am actively looking for bugs and testing old once out to see if they are still a problem.

I also am the Ambassador for the Netherlands so if you have questions you can alsways reach out to me on Discord at LFGaming#6286.

Wesh Network

Wesh Network is the protocol behind the Berty messaging app. In the early beginnings it was build into the app, now it has been sepperated and can be used by anyone for their own apps and programs.

What I do

I mainly help with reading through the site and looking for spelling errors or other problems, I also test the blogpost to see if the code also works on my setup (They are making blog posts on how to use Wesh Network for yourself).

Read More

If you want to know more about Berty then you can go to there site or you can join the discord here, and ofcourse you can look at the Github.
For even more information you can find their twitter here, or read the blog posts.


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