This is my main site, here you can find most of my pages and projects.

You can navigate my site on the top right and press the the link you want to go to. For mobile you can press the “Menu” button and the chose the link you want. Alternatively you can press the link below to go to the site you want.

The following are my main sites.


Here you can find many of the projects I am working on or have made in the past.


I work activly on the Berty messenger and am the ambasador of the Netherlands for the project.


I love photography but especialy Urbexing and making photos in abandoned places

About me

My name is Luke, but online I mainly go as LFGaming, let me introduce myself.
I am a student at the HU in Utrecht the Netherlands, I study IT there and like to work with computers a lot.
You can find my project on the Projects page and find more on my Github page. I also work actively on Berty and with the team, more about that you can find at Berty.
I also really like photography but especialy urbexing my photos you can find at the Photography page.
And I am a level 6 local guide on Google maps. My maps account.

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