This is my home site, this is mostly just a site to redirect you my other sites.

You can navigate to my other sites on the top right and press the site you want to go to. For mobile you can press the “Menu” button and the chose the site you want.

I have the following sites.

The “Ingress Blog” site is a site with my blog about the game Ingress. You can go there to read about the events I’ve been to and operation I went to.

The “Games” site is for games and programs I have developed. Some are for friends or school, some are just for fun. You can go and check it out if you want to.
The site is at this point in developmend.

About me

In my free time I play a lot of Ingress, I write about it on my blog and I meet people to play Ingress.
I am a local guide for Google Maps, therefor I review and contribute to maps. You can find my account here: My maps account. I also make 360° photo’s for Google Streetview. You can find my account here.


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